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Beyond the complementary services offered to enhance your experience, I like to protect the integrity of your hair, whether it's already compromised and I need to nourish it, or we're doing a color which can cause dryness. For me the most important thing is to nourish and protect your hair each time you visit Radiance.

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My favorite thing to give back to clients is making sure
they are satisfied with their service and experience at Radiance. 


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The Esthetician in me loves to make you relax! Stress is always around us, and I can alleviate that tension with a soothing facial and massage, hopefully bringing a little Zen into your life. When I'm wearing my Manager's Hat, I ensure that your Radiance experience is the best it can be!

Laura Tamagno


I enjoy interacting with customers in all my roles at Radiance. My personal mission is to ensure that you feel acknowledged and valued. I love supporting the staff in any way I to can to help them further their careers. They make ME feel acknowledged and valued.



Great skincare, products as well as regimen, nurtures and heals. I love to help you reveal your inner beauty so you can enjoy your life with renewed confidence.

Andrea Dean


My favorite thing to do for you is to make you look and feel beautiful. One way I do this is to ensure your hair is always in optimum health. Another is providing the highest possible level of service. Having you return to my chair is one of my top goals.

Kori Grzela


Becoming a stylist was an easy decision for me because I love every aspect of the business. The most important thing I can do for you is to make sure you leave with a smile; I want you to
look and feel fabulous.



Hair is my passion! I strive to give you the look of your dreams while keeping the integrity of your hair intact. That way you get your dream hair with it still feeling like your own!



My goal is to ensure you feel welcome and well taken care of at Radiance. I always do my best to work with your schedule so you receive the services you need, when you need them!

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I will always greet you with a smile! I love to see you happy and well taken care of, which is our team's foremost goal. I love working at Radiance!