Your hair is the crown you never take off

At Radiance, we like to stay on top of all the trends, techniques, and products for hair. Our team of stylists receive consistent education and are eager to relay these tips. Read on and see what's new, hot, and just stellar.


Escape with the power of aromatherapy

Aveda Pure-Fume hair mists will keep your strands fresh and soft anytime and anywhere. Three distinct naturally derived aromas will awaken your senses, transporting you to some of the most exotic corners of the world. Mihana takes notes from the gardens of Japan with clove, mandarin, and jasmine. Marassona highlights the scents of coastal Brazil with ylang ylang, neroli, and lemon. Alanara engulfs you with the spices of the Middle East with rose, sandalwood, and olibanum. These are great for reviving hair after the beach, a campfire, or day of cooking. Discover each fragrance on your next visit.

Finally a sea salt-like spray from Aveda!

First off, what is a texture spray? It creates tousled body and volume on most hair types. It's great for fans of the beachy hair wave or wash 'n' go styles, where scrunching encourages waves and curls. Most texture sprays in the market leave the hair feeling dry and dull-looking. Aveda uses cane sugar (a natural humectant) which gives touchable hold and shine, magnesium sulfate (salt) creates piecey texture and separation, and Pullulan (a naturally derived polymer) adds flexibility. The powers of sugar and salt come together to create texture and body for wave lovers. 




Don't forget these summer favorites!

Days at the beach, sun, chlorine, or sea salt exposure dry out hair leaving it rough to the touch and dull-looking. Aveda's sun care collection helps to replenish lost moisture and remove pollutants. Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser gets rid of salt, chlorine, and product build-up while being safe for color-treated hair. Its packed with hydrating coconut and tamanu oil, green tea and sunflower oil, and vitamin E. After-Sun Hair Masques infuses strands with repairs and hydrates with power house extracts; coconut and sunflower oils. Finish with Sun Veil, a fine mist of UV protection used on dry hair to prevent dryness and color fading.