We’ve got your back (and everywhere else) this Summer!


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Nothing can ruin your beach blanket fun like back breakouts! Don’t give up your favorite sundresses and halter, let me cleanse, exfoliate, massage and hydrate your back. Just like a face facial, your treatment is customized to your skin’s needs. Plus, it’s just as relaxing!

Show Off Your Back Side!
30-minute back facial, $45
60-minute back facial, $80


Get buffed! Don’t forget the rest of your bod needs cleansing, exfoliation and hydration during the summer months. If you are a beachgoer, the sun, salt and sand can do a job on your skin. Check
out our body treatment menu and book yourself an hour of pure bliss!

Stay on your toes! Because they are not kept cozy and protected in shoes and socks, your feet and toes take more of beating in the summer than you might think. Chipped polish and dry heels and cuticles can drag down the look of the sexiest sandals. Let me treat you to a private Aveda pedicure in our spa. Between pedis I recommend using exfoliation gloves followed by Foot Relief every couple of days.

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Rice is not just for sushi! Does the humidity do a job on your face as well as your hair? Does your skin look and feel greasy? Does your makeup smudge and seem to have slide off your face? Ugh! I hate even writing about it! Youngblood comes to the rescue again with its mineral rice powder. Sheer, and light as a feather - but when it comes to keeping the summer shines at bay, it gets the job done!

Find your inner light! Get your summer glow on with Aveda’s Inner Light highlighter. Just a dusting of this slightly shimmery powder will give you the glowy and sun-kissed look of a California surfer girl.

For the quintessential summer look, add a smear of sheer lip gloss and an eyelash and brow tint! So easy and so perfect!

Products of Month

Youngblood CC Perfecting Primer
A new fave from Youngblood! The double C stands for Color Correcting. This powerhouse multitasks: it acts as mattifer for those with oily skin, evens skin tone and texture, and can be used under makeup or alone!

Youngblood Mineral Illuminating Body Tint
Get a truly healthy glow with this light and luminous body tint. Use all over or just on the prime real estate, such as the shoulders and décolleté and layer for desired effect.

Aveda Daily Light Guard™ Defense Fluid Broad Spectrum spf 30
This sheer and weightless lotion protects your lovely skin from sun and free radical damage. Non-chemical, 100% mineral- and plant- derived, the advanced coating technology makes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide glide on and sink in. Another plus: no cloying coconut scent!

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