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The Holiday Lowdown & Winter Skin Care Tips

The Holidays are a blast? Right? Or is it Riiiiight!? Sure, the Holidays can be hectic and stressful but be a glass-half-full girl and look at the upside – parties and presents.

Parties are fun but too many and too much fun can take its toll on your beautiful face. Here are some tips to keep your beauty intact.     

Puffy eyes and dark circles:

•     Drink plenty of water along with the wine and cocktails.
•     Wet, then freeze two Aveda tea bags and apply to your eyes morning-after.
•     Use Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme morning and night.

Dry, dull skin:

•     Create a moisture barrier: try a cream moisturizer if you normally use a lotion.
•     Hydrating serums boost the ability of your skin to retain moisture.
•     For optimal absorption of your moisturizer, exfoliate at night for dry skin and
      morning and night for oily.

•     Use Intelligent Nutrients’ Anti-aging Serum and Detoxifying Glycolic Gel, and
      Aveda’s Tulasara Wedding Masque.


•     Give yourself (Or better yet, ask Santa for an early gift!) a Radiance Facial Membership this season. Save $100 when you purchase 2 Aveda Dual Exfoliation treatments. These treatments brighten and energize your skin without leaving your face red and irritated. Another plus: no downtime required, key for the busy Holiday season!

•      Because Aveda recommends getting a Dual Exfoliation every 6 months, your membership includes the offer of up to 10 facials for $55, any time, at either location! Plus, the savings on the 10 facials covers the cost of both exfoliation treatments!

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Holiday Makeup Tips

There’s nothing like sultry, smoky eyes to kick your holiday party look up a notch. Many of you want this look but don’t know how to make it happen. Here are few highlights from our recent Smoky Eyes hands-on tutorial:

•     You will need at least three shades of a similar hue - a light,
      creamy color; a medium base color; and a dark color.
•     Loose powders blend best and blending is the key to
                                        creating smoky eyes. Primer is a must!
•      Apply your lightest shade from the inner corner of your eye to the brow.
•      Sweep your medium shade upwards to the crease in your lid. Blend all.
•      Apply your darkest color in an increasingly wider line from mid-lash to the outer
       corner of your eye, all the while sweeping upward.
•      At the outer corner sweep along the underside of your brow bone, not in the
       crease of your lid.
•      Use pitch-black eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners give a smooth finish, a pencil gives a
       softer blended look.
•      Use a lash primer. For long, lush lashes layer a thickening mascara over a
       lengthening one.

Got that? If not, book a private lesson with one of our makeup artists. 45 minutes, $50.

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Let Angie Treat You This Holiday Season*

Enjoy a complimentary Pure Plant Peel ($25) with a one-hour Aveda Facal. Or . . .
Enjoy a complimentary eyebrow wax ($18) with a ½ hour Ultrasonic treatment.

Now thru Decembert 31st. Gift Certificates:
Must be redeemed by 12/31 to receive complimentary services.

*Marblehead Only

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Product Spotlight

Tulasāra™Renew Morning Crème
There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to make you feel renewed. Why stop there? Keep that renewal going with Aveda’s Tulasara Renew Morning Crème. This daily moisturizer delivers bright, radiant skin with all sorts of good stuff including: licorice root, molasses, vitamin E, ginger, and bio-peptides. Plus, it’s non-acnegenic, meaning it’s perfect for you no matter your skin type!

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Laser Availability for November/December

Laser Genesis & Limelight: November 18th thru December 2nd, December 14th-the 28th

Laser Genesis and Limelight: 
Hair removal: the 2nd, 9-4:00; the 14th, 1:30-8:00; the 20th 2-7:00; the 28th 1-7:00

If you want hair removal, call soon, it books up fast! 978-741-8110


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