Be Radiant!

Practice Safe Sun, Summer Makeup Tips
& Managing Your Allergies

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Keep it simple, Silly!

Is the convenience of skipping your eye
makeup worth looking washed out?

Summer Eyes Special

Lash lift and brow shaping, both with tint:

Lash lift special

Regularly, $165.
Thru Labor Day, $150.

Now, you’ll never have to make this decision again!

Practice safe sun

Practice Safe Sun

The leading cause of premature aging (as well as skin cancer) is the sun. The damage starts now BUT - it shows up later! At that point, all the products in the world cannot make those nasty wrinkles disappear. Use sunscreen to protect your gorgeous young skin and a bronzer to fake everyone out! The best sunscreens contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide optimal broad-spectrum protection. Oh, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before you go out in the sun.

Product Spotlight

Aveda Daily Light Guard™ Defense Fluid Broad Spectrum spf 30

This sheer and weightless lotion protects your lovely skin from sun and free radical damage. Non-chemical, 100% mineral- and plant- derived, the advanced coating technology makes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide glide on and sink in. Another plus: no cloying coconut scent!

Faking Out Allergy Eyes

If you suffer from allergies you know the job they can do on your eyes, not to mention your mood.


It’s a challenge to get your eye makeup on at all, much less looking good, when your eyes are itchy, red and weepy.

Merry Christmas

The next time you schedule a service book an Eye Zone treatment. It can be incorporated to a facial, you can do it when your color processes, or you can book it as a stand-alone service. The cool teabags and eye, gel sooth and reduce the redness and puffiness.
For a quick fix at home, try Youngblood’s Eye Impact.