Be Radiant!

Get Ready for Spring! Prepping Your Skin, Managing
Your Allergies, and Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Drawer

There is never a bad time to exfoliate, cleanse, and nourish your skin; but there is no better time than at the change of seasons. Treat yourself to Marie’s DermaSound facial and step into Spring!

The 1-2-3 of the DermaSound Facial

1. Peeling

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Premium facials always include exfoliation and cleansing in one form or another. What sets the DermaSound Facial apart is that it opens with a deep cleaning and exfoliation. Water and a hydration product (any product which helps the skin retain moisture) are applied to your face. Marie repeatedly strokes a hand instrument or paddle, which looks like a tiny spatula, over your skin. Ultrasonic vibrations spin the water molecules at a frequency high enough to gently remove dead skin cells and clean out follicles. All this without the irritation and inflammation often associated with mechanical methods.

2. Infusion

This is one of DermaSound's best features. Without ultrasound, large molecules cannot penetrate the skin to provide deep treatment. Ultrasound allows the penetration of an antioxidant to provide deep healing and protection. Marie applies whatever lotion, cream or serum she deems best for your skin, then gets busy with her magic mini spatula. The ultrasound frequency used for this phase opens minute pathways sending the product deep into your skin, for better, more long-lasting results.

3. Microcurrent Therapy

This phase normalizes your skin with a very mild electrical current, a medically proven technique to restore individual cells' natural electrical charge. Marie lightly strokes the paddle over face and throat creating a slight pulsing and warming on the face. Why electrical current? When a cell has been damaged due to environmental causes, like overexposure to the sun or aging, the cell's electrical current is inhibited restricting the cell’s natural ebb and flow of nutrients and waste which are cells damaged by free radicals. This "patting phase" helps reorient the electric current within the cells and promote healing, cell regeneration, and resiliency.

Faking Out Allergy Eyes & Other Spring Tips

If you suffer from allergies you know the job they can do on your eyes, not to mention your mood.


It’s a challenge to get your eye makeup on at all, much less looking good, when your eyes are itchy, red and weepy. Here are some tips to get you through the season:

Merry Christmas
  • The next time you schedule a service book an Eye Zone treatment add-on. It can be incorporated to your spring facial (ahem!), you can do it when your color processes, or you can book it as a stand-alone service. The cool teabags and eye, gel sooth and reduce the redness and puff. For a quick fix at home, try Youngblood’s Eye Impact.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning for your makeup

Spring Cleaning

Every spring I relentlessly harp on the importance of having a “spring cleaning” facial. I do it because it’s darned important! But there’s another piece to this that I never mention: cleaning out your medicine chest and makeup drawer. Did you realize makeup and skin care products can “go bad?” Well they can, and it often doesn’t take long for your skin care products to lose their effectiveness and your make up to stay sterile and adhere to your skin, lashes or brows. Any foundation, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and the like that is separated needs to go straight into the bin. Buh bye!! Any mascara, cream eye shadow, lip/eye liners, lipsticks and such, again – Buh bye!

So get busy and cull through your makeup and skin care. Don’t hold back either – when in doubt, toss it out! And please come see me before you replace what you’ve tossed. It may be time to rethink your skin care products as it may no longer be serving your current needs. Ahem, that could mean keeping the aging processes at bay! Also, I will happily rematch your foundation, powder and blush as your skin tone may have changed since your last purchase. You may want to update your look as well.

Product Spotlight

Tulasara Special.jpg

A perfect (and easy!) at-home treatment to keep your facial after-glow glowing! Pick up Tulasara’s Oleation Oil and Dry Brush kit and save $5!