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Be Radiant!

“Less is more” is an adage I wholeheartedly ascribe to – especially when it comes to summer makeup. Cutting down on application time is key in my book. I mean why waste precious summer time putting on your face? Of the big three (brows/lashes, lips and the lovely skin that holds it all together) the eyes are the most time consuming, so let’s start there:

Angie demonstrates the Elleebana Lash Lift technique uses a nourishing lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift your natural eyelashes. Here's what to expect: * Your natural eyelashes appeal longer and fuller without the use of eyelash extensions.

An Elleebana Lash Lift will give your lashes a longer, fuller look without the time and expense of extensions. Better yet, the lift lasts 6-12 weeks and you can play in the summer surf without worry.

Take it to the next level with a lash and brow tint and, boom!, summery daytime eyes without lifting a finger! A dab of shimmer on the lips and cheekbones and you’ve got your summer on.

Lash Lift, $70. Lash & Brow Tint, $45

Practice Safe Sun

The leading cause of premature aging (as well as skin cancer) is the sun. The damage starts now but it shows up later. At that point, all the products in the world cannot make those nasty wrinkles disappear. Use sunscreen to protect your gorgeous young skin and a bronzer to fake everyone out!  Remember to apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before you go out in the sun.

Product Spotlight

 Lash Lift also known as A lash perm.


Aveda’s Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid (SPF 30) is as lightweight as it is effective. This lightweight sunscreen soaks right into your skin - you won’t even know you’re wearing it! $42.


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Youngblood’s CC Perfecting Primer can be worn with or without foundation which falls right in line with my less-is-more summer philosophy. This lightweight, peptide-rich formula works triple duty; minimizing uneven skin tone, texture and shine in one easy step! 

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