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Meet Marie Munnelly, esthetician & Winter Skin Care Tips

Meet Marie Munnelly, esthetician

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LT: Hi, Marie. Welcome to Radiance – officially, anyway - because you’ve been here for a good 6 months, right? We love having you among our ranks but, more importantly, how are you finding it here?

MM: Thanks for asking, Laura! I love being part of Radiance! I had quite a few clients from my (now closed) business follow me, and I'm steadily building on that from your client base. I love being busy, so it's working out swimmingly!

LT: Tell me what drew you to Esthetics in the first place.

MM: I love the nurture/healing aspect of great skincare as well as the one-on-one interaction with the clients. Teaching people a simplified method of achieving beautiful skin in a lovely, cozy and supportive environment is my number goal. I love the blending of science and it's cutting-edge technology with the holistic and organic. This is the future of our industry! It's esthetics at its finest. I love helping others reveal the beauty within so they can step forward in their lives with confidence.

LT: What's your background, Marie?

MM: I became an esthetician to help people gain a healthy understanding of their skin and to reveal their inner beauty. I was self-employed for 28 years at Tranquility Skin Care of Marblehead. My goal was, and still is, to demystify the science of great skin and simplify homecare regimes for my clients – to help them get their glow on! I love one-on-one interaction with my family of clients; supporting them on their healthy skin paths, and nurturing their spirits so they can go forth with calm and confidence. After over 30 years in the business, I still love it. That says it all.

LT: Wow, you ARE amazing, it's no wonder you've been practicing for 30 years! So what's the deal with your signature facial? Spill it!

MM: My fellow esthetician, Angie, specializes in the Aveda Concept facials while I blend many different techniques. Although I include Aveda products in my facials, my signature Dermasound facial includes Glymed products. I also offer a half-hour Micro Facial as well as a variety of med spa peels.

If you have wrinkles; acne; rosacea; pigmentation; or want freshly exfoliated and hydrated skin; DermaSound along with the Glymend products is an excellent option in your skincare arsenal. Here's to beautiful healthy skin in the New Year. Book a block of time with Angie or me and, come, get your glow on at Radiance!


Protect Your Skin From Winter’s Rage

Don’t let Jack Frost sneak up and zap the moisture out of your lovely face.
Here are a few tips to preserve your healthy, dewy skin this season:

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water; a good habit at any time of year.

  • Hydrating serums boost the ability of your skin to retain moisture. My favorite is Intelligent Nutrients’ Anti-aging Serum, it’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Create a moisture barrier: try a cream moisturizer instead of a lotion.

  • Exfoliate before bed once (for dry skin) or twice (for oily) per week for optimal absorption of your moisturizer.

  • Get regular facials to stimulate blood flow and help re-hydrate your skin. Marie and I will do the right thing by your skin!

Angie demonstrates the Elleebana Lash Lift technique uses a nourishing lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift your natural eyelashes. Here's what to expect: * Your natural eyelashes appeal longer and fuller without the use of eyelash extensions.

Keep it simple, Silly!

Ellebana Lash Lifts are a lifesaver during the busy Holiday season. Why I love them:

• Makes natural eyelashes appear longer
without eyelash extensions
• Lashes stay lifted for 6-12 weeks
• No damage to your natural eyelashes
• Only 1/3 the application time of
• Low maintenance
• Swim shower and and play with no fuss
• Suitable for short & long lashes

Step up your glam, include a brow and lash tint into your service!

Q&A with new esthetician

Stay Tuned . . . for my Q&A with our new esthetician, Marie Munnelly! Right after the Holidays!

Merry Christmas

Have a Happy & Safe Holiday!