Why did you decide to extra for a blowout?

This is a tough situation all around. That’s why I’ve been avoiding doing it for years. Here’s why:
A blowout, be it a stand-alone or with-color treatment takes a half hour. When we schedule a color-only treatment, we have to book a half hour following the processing (which takes 30-60 minutes) for the wash and blowout - a “finish” in our world. Several years ago, we instituted a policy that color-only guests sitting with a master stylist (whose time is at premium) would have to sit with another stylist for their finish. The other options being leave wet, pay for the blowout, or schedule a cut with the service.

men’s facial

My husband really needs a facial and he refuses to get one. He thinks facials are a “girl thing.” What can I do?

Oh boy, this issue is classic! “Real men don’t get facials” and all that. Here’s my take as well as Angie and Marie’s: Men have skin, too. Skin that gets zits or is greasy, clogged or dry. Radiance can take care of all that in 45 relaxing minutes. Aveda developed products specifically to address the issues common to men’s skin. Such as ingrown hairs, oily T-zone and enlarged pores. The Aveda Men skincare line is incorporated into the facial. Angie or Marie customize the facial to address the issues at hand. Don’t tell him but it’s the same drill for women and teens – a topnotch facial!

Oh, another thing: Guys, please, I beg you – if you have a unibrow and/or nose hair (You’re on your own for ear hair but if you have it, lose it!) we can clean that up. Don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like Gigi Hadid, you’ll just look like a man without a unibrow - which is a good thing. You don’t need to have a facial, although you probably should, waxing services are available a la carte.

Fabulous Aveda color available at radiance lifestyle salon & spa

If I want to change my color say, from brown to blonde or grey to red, what should I expect in terms of time and cost?

Sometimes the color you want cannot be achieved in one sitting or without an extra bowl of color or toner. Our colorists do their best to answer your questions, address potential contingencies, and estimate price during the consultation. It’s important to realize that hair color is not an exact science and, although it sometimes needs a tweak, this is the very reason why exceptional color is an art, not merely a service.

Woman Having Hair Cut.jpg

Why is it so expensive when I ask that you just “trim an inch or two off the bottom?”  In our world, there really isno such thing as a trim. More goes into a professional haircut than meets the eye. The whole head is sectioned off and each section is cut and texturized separately so it falls perfectly. After the blowout the stylist reviews the cut and tweaks it if necessary. Our stylists’ prices range from $60 to $80 depending on years of experience and level of education.


Why no tips?


Here’s why: When a guest enters our salon he/she is every employee’s priority; we work as a team to ensure our guests have a relaxed, enjoyable experience – the Radiance experience. As many salons no longer permit adding the gratuity to the credit card or check total, our guests don’t have to plan ahead to have cash handy. They can just enjoy their scheduled service, as well as any unscheduled ones, without the stress of calculating tips.

Guests are always welcome to tip the team by treating them to lunch or coffee or anything else they think the team will enjoy. And, of course, individual monetary gratuities are always welcome during the holidays or for other special occasions.

My hairdresser left!

OMG! My stylist is gone! What do I do?!

At Radiance everyone is trained to do your hair. The only difference is personality. We encourage all of our guests to get acquainted with all of our service providers. We have your formulas, we have the technique, everything required to seamlessly fill all of your needs. There’s no turbulence when you fly Radiance!

Why cant get the haircut of my youth?


Why is the haircut I’ve had for years so difficult achieve? I’ve changed stylists a couple of times, but no one is able to get it right.

Great question! Sadly, the aging process takes its toll everywhere – our joints, our skin, our memory . . . Why stop at the hairline? Accept your stylist’s suggestions, she has the expertise and knowledge to give the look you want with what you have.

Cancellation Policy.png

Why do you have a cancellation policy?

Last-minute cancelations/reschedules, lates and no-shows cost us money. The revenue that that space accounted for is gone forever! Therefore, we have a cancellation policy. It is posted at the front desks, on our website and our menus. Here it is:

"Your time has been reserved especially for you. If you are more
than five minutes late, we may not be able to accommodate as your
service will cut into another guest's scheduled time. Late arrival,
last-minute cancellation/reschedule, and no-show is subject to a fee
equaling 1/2 of your scheduled service.
We request that you give us 24-hour notice. Thank you."


What happens if I don’t like my color?

This statement is posted on our website:

“In the event that you are unhappy with your hair, let us know sooner rather than later. We honor our work up to one week after your service. Please note that our stylists' recommendations are based on years of education and experience.”

Hair Color Gone Wrong.jpg

The first course of action is not to have this happen at all. For this reason, all of our stylists are trained and required to provide a detailed consultation before any work is started. 

If a complaint comes in via phone or a review. We take a deep breath, get a much information from the guest as possible and hand it off to a manager. She collects information from everyone that was involved with, or observed, the guest and offers the guest a way (or ways) to rectify the problem. We require that the guest come in so we can see her hair. Oftentimes, there is a quick fix that can be done at the sink. As our goal is have happy guests, we always want the opportunity to correct a problem.
Please note that we do not refund for services rendered.


What’s up with closing Salem?

radiance Salem moves to Marblehead

Quite frankly, I couldn't handle two locations anymore. Although I had managers minding the shops while I spent my time behind the chair, ultimately the bottom line is my responsibility. With the rent increasing annually at 4%, I just got tired of treading water. At 59 years old, I needed to cut myself some slack. Also, Marblehead is my baby, my first "real" shop with all the bells and whistles; Aveda Concept, my signature rejuvenation room for washing, a full-time manager, and team-based pay with profit share. I love the place and always have! Stop by and check out our new look.  I know you'll love it, too! So, here I am, full circle

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